ELC offers 1-on-1 coaching for teenagers to succeed in academics and beyond.

Not every skill vital for success is taught in the classroom. We go beyond individual subjects to help young people develop the skills to reduce stress, improve time management, plan for the future, and more.
Our individualised 3-step coaching programme helps with a variety of challenges teens face, including:
  • High stress levels surrounding expectations and performance
  • Difficulties staying organised while balancing classes and activities
  • Lack of time management skills, resulting in stress, panic and late assignments
  • Dip in academic performance due to ineffective study habits or inability to handle challenging assignments
  • Behavourial outbursts from confusion or frustration, or impulsive actions and avoidance of the task
Contact us now for a free 30-minute evaluation with one of our coaches to identify your teen’s strengths and weaknesses and determine if our progamme can help!
We often hear from adults who are interested in our coaching program for themselves. If you are interested in coaching for adults, let us know!